Light, Crispy , Delicious.

Light, Crispy , Delicious.

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Known by a variation of names, there is one thing that cannot be disputed when it comes to a Flammekueche and that is that it is utterly delicious and it’s on our menu! A thin unleavened dough base sprinkled with a variety of toppings most commonly sour cream, onions and bacon. It is then traditionally cooked on stone in a piping hot wood fired oven.

Believed to have originated in the formerly Alsatian region of Strasbourg, France this dish goes by the name Flàmmeküeche or Flammaküacha here. When translated from the local dialect to French, the reference is Tarte Flambée, with Flammekuchen being the German equivalent. This word then translates loosely to “Cooked in the flames” in English.

This mouth-watering regional delight is believed to have originated as early as the 13th century. Early accounts state that provincial farming families would gather to bake their weeks supply of bread, setting aside some dough. That dough would then be rolled out thinly, topped with soured cream and baked in a wood burning oven for 1-2 minutes where it would emerge piping hot, glistening with scorched crispy edges. Later it would take on the additions of fromage variations, onions and smoked bacon with modern day experimentations occurring across the globe (including here at Brogan’s Way!)

Now why does this Alsatian delicacy work so well with gin you ask? Well due to its thin base and restrained use of toppings the Flammekueche isn’t weighty, but rich. This calls for a beverage with an acidic edge to cut perfectly through that richness, making gin its perfect partner. Whether you choose a gin cocktail or a classic quaffable G&T, you will have the perfect accompaniment to wash down a Flammekueche or two, or three… or four!

Note: Available in classic and Vegetarian


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