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Passionfruit & Lime Vodka

Passionfruit & Lime Vodka

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700ML | 38% ABV

Aromatic, tropical, zesty, luscious, velvety, we are running out of superlatives for this one of a kind vodka. Designed to be enjoyed any way you like drinking your vodka. Sip it on ice or in your favourite cocktail, this spirit is packed full of flavour so it is a truly flexible component anytime. 

Tasting Notes

With a very distinct citrus and floral nose backed up by a very velvety texture that provides plenty of rich mouth feel this vodka has good levels of tropical fruit flavour and lime notes throughout the palate. The balance between taste and palate character are just right to lift your cocktail experience. Another very drinkable and vodka. Enjoy with soda, in a Mule, Vespar or a vodka Mojito the options are endless.

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