Barrel aged Birthdays!

Barrel aged Birthdays!

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It’s our third birthday this week so we decided to bring you some very special products that have been in the works for some time. Introducing two new additions to our bottled cocktail range. Our Barrel aged Negroni and our Barrel aged spiced Negroni.

Our friends at Australian Coopers sourced some very special rejuvenated and recoopered 10L ex-Australian red wine barrels. We took these barrels and added in a delicious batch of Negroni and let it age, giving it the time and space to extract those glorious red wine barrel flavours. We then repeated the process with the same barrel and a batch of spiced Negroni and we think that results speak for themselves!
Not only do the finished products has an incredible depth of flavour but we are also helping to develop additional characteristics for these incredible barrels which will then be utilised to make more barrel aged products in the future. Better yet all you need to do now is order yours by clicking on our links included in the decriptors below, pop it in the fridge and serve in your favourite glass over ice. Garnish with a slice of orange if the mood strikes you.
These bottled cocktails are in very limited supply with only a few bottles of each left, so pop on over to our store to nab yours today! Available in 500mL bottles.
Barrel Aged Classic Negroni, 11.6 standard drinks, $75 a bottle.
Barrel Aged Spiced Negroni, 11.35 standard drinks, $75 a bottle.


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