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61 North - Whisky - Single Barrel Release

61 North - Whisky - Single Barrel Release

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500ML | 44.54%ABV | 17.77 STD DRINKS


61 NORTH Barrel #21 is not a typical whisky. The journey started when Brogan collaborated with some of her Brewing friends to ferment a specific pure malt wash, followed by rigorous distillations and a unique barrel aging program.

The new make spirit (unaged whisky) intially spent some time in small re-coopered 20L barrels, a mixture of French and American oak, previously used to mellow either Apera or Tawny. Following this initial rapid aging period, the deep, vibrant spirit full of sticky sweet dried fruit flavour and oak richness was transferred to a very special single French oak ex-orange Curacao barrel to mature and mellow. The result: a whisky that transcends expectations, with mellowed soft orange sweetness, heightened vanilla, warm spice and delightful notes of chocolate orange and toasty cereals. A testament to the dedication and creativity poured into its creation.

With only 569 bottles produced in total, of which 500 units will be made available for sales and the balance held in reserve by the distillery.

Serve on ice for a gentle sipping experience. Most delicious in an Old Fashion or try it in your favourite cocktail.

Tasting Notes

Soft warm spice with sweet chocolate orange notes.
Dried fruit and toasted cereals balanced against the refreshing orange, vanilla and chocolate notes.
Long smooth finish of dry orange and toasted muesli, incredibly refreshing soft spiciness.

This whisky has a truly unique flavour profile that sets it apart from anything any of our team have ever encountered before.


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