How to make a perfect G&T at home


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How to make the perfect G&T at home

A G&T can be so luxurious after a long week or a refreshing way to enjoy your weekend with family and friends. As simple as making a Gin and Tonic at home may seem, there is a secret to balancing it just right. From the gin to the tonic the journey in between is crucial and choosing wisely is key. Unsure of where or how to start? Well, we have got just the guide for you!


It is crucial that your elements are cold to start off with. Pre-chilling your glass is an added luxury that can ensure the longevity of your drink quality. Good quality Ice is your next component, and we cannot stress this enough; steer clear of servo ice, it is hollow, and it melts rapidly! Completely filling your glass with good quality solid block of ice means less dilution as you drink and less flavour loss as a result. The tonic and gin being kept cold will also assist in keeping that drink where you want it – Ice cold!


The general rule here is one part gin to three parts tonics. This is around 30mls of gin to 90mls of tonic however this can be tailored to your personal preferences. There is an array of wonderful local brands championing Australian ingredients and creating unique mixers to match the complex variety of gins in the market, however beware it is not a one tonic fits all mould. Our friends at CAPI and StrangeLove have exceptional and unique products on offer, and they are our go to at the bar and at home!

Get creative with Garnishes

When considering what you might use as a garnish it is best to know your gins flavour profile. Do a little research online or even look to the back of the bottle for clues. If you have chosen our Evening Light gin you will find lively flavours of mango, raspberry and grapefruit. You may find a sprinkling of fresh raspberries instead of the classic orange wedge to be the perfect accompaniment to your Evening Light gin and tonic. Don’t be afraid to raid your fridge and get a little creative too!


Another fundamental step in how to make the perfect G&T at home is the order in which you assemble it. Simply start with your pre-chilled glass, pour in your measure of gin followed by your desired tonic, finally top your glass with quality ice, place your garnish on top and presto – the perfect G&T from the comfort of your own home!

If you would like to know more about making the perfect concoctions for yourself and loved ones we have a range of experiences on offer. You may find our cocktail class to be your best fit, perhaps a Distillery tour, a gin making workshop, or maybe even a Masterclass – the choice is yours. There is plenty on offer, find out more by heading to our gin experiences page on our website, bookings can also be made online.