Why we love our Richmond Home - Brogan’s Way


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Why we love our Richmond Home

We are often asked why we decided to locate the distillery in Richmond. Ever since migrating to Melbourne in late 2000, we have been drawn to the creative nature of the Melbourne suburb.

It has a long history of artisan innovation and creativity that goes back to the early days of Melbourne. Many well known businesses and brands can be traced back to their early start in Richmond.

But, what draw us to it, is the eclectic mix of culinary creativity with restaurants, food producers, farmers markets and beverage makers. Add in the performing arts schools, the local design studios, the amazing interior designers, renowned architects, product designers and many advertising and marketing agencies and you end up with a powerful creative hub just on the edge of one of the greatest cities in Australia.

However, one of the stand out features of this tremendous inner city suburb can be seen by walking the streets. We love the the street art. The diversity on display is impressive and we find inspiration from what we see everyday.

It is a face of Richmond that is ever changing and expressing itself as quickly and vibrantly as the residents and businesses that come together to make the unique character of our wonderful Richmond home. It is one of the reasons we asked long time local street artist and creative, Steve Cross to work his magic on the outside of our distillery building. He has brought to life on the exterior walls exactly what we do everyday inside, distilling unique local botanicals to create delicious flavours.

To share our inspiration we have started to catalogue the street art we see as we travel about making our deliveries and have recorded on this map so we can share it with others. Enjoy! Follow the link below.