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Everyday Salvation Gin

Everyday Salvation Gin

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 200ML | 42% ABV

We have a way to distil moments into flavours, so there’s a gin for the mood you are in. This balanced Australian Dry gin layers strawberry gum and zesty white grapefruit peel enlivened by a gentle pepper berry tea, it is the ultimate companion to kick back and cool off with. Every ingredient has a purpose – to make the moment more memorable. The way it should be.

Tasting Notes

A Juniper forward punchy Australian Dry style gin. The dry citrus hit of coriander seeds is accentuated by organic white grapefruit peel, providing fresh zesty qualities of citrus with subtle hints of bitter lemon. Floral top notes of lavender, rose and orris root, with earthy undertones from  angelica root presenting on the nose. The Australian native botanicals of sweet strawberry gum and hot pepper berry linger on the finish which is elongated by the nuttiness of roasted native wattle seed.

A truly versatile gin, perfect in a G&T with a wedge of lemon, sublime in a Martini with a dry vermouth and very tasty in a negroni.

Also available in 700mL bottles and as part of our gin gift packs.

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