About Us

Not doing what you love wipes the smile from your face. One day you wake up and realise what you really should be doing.

For Brogan, it had to be making spirits.

Why did it have to be spirits?! You step into a regulatory minefield, 101 different steps. And setting up in an inner-city council with one of the first distilleries added a whole lot of extra red tape, patience and perseverance.

But when you follow your heart it has a way of leading you to what is important.

September 2018 we opened our doors with an unknown 24 year old distiller. We had no choice but to do things Brogan’s Way. And when the gins we launched won awards, it was clear, getting out of medical science was the right decision.

Brogan is the shy type, happier spending her time with her babies than out the front or around the lively inner city distillery bar. But she often sneaks a peak at people taking their first sip. By doing what she loves, she puts a smile on many, many faces.