Cooking With a ‘Splash’ of Gin

Cooking With a ‘Splash’ of Gin

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We all know gin can be mixed with a refreshing tonic or served simply over ice, but have you ever thought of splashing a little gin into your gourmet home cooking? (and no, we don’t mean just drinking it while you’re cooking!)

Just like you’d add a pinch of fresh herbs, salt and pepper to your food, the numerous botanicals used in gin are another way to add spice, florals or fruity flavour to your dish. 

Since we are all spending more time at home lately, now is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen! So, we thought we’d share with you the recipes we’ll be trying over the next few weeks!


The best gin inspired recipes 

Olives + Gin 

A true match made in heaven, gin and olives are the perfect pairing. So, what could be better than both in one recipe? This delicious gin-marinated olive recipe from the legends at Craft Gin Club sounds truly delicious. I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to wait to serve these at our next socially distant dinner party.

Cucumber + Gin

We also like the look of Eat More Project’s Cucumber Salad with Gin Dressing. Using gin in a salad dressing is the perfect way to spice up a simple salad and we’re looking forward to experiencing how it tastes!

Seafood + Gin

There’s nothing better than enjoying a bite of seafood in your backyard on a sunny day and we found quite a few gin and seafood recipes floating around, so we’ll be taking advantage of the last few warmer days of 2020 and preparing Gin Cured Salmon and Gin-Gingered Prawns. 

Gin + Penne

Have you tried penne alla vodka before? We found a recipe which replaces vodka with gin and we encourage you to give it a go! It’s the kind of comfort food we need during these uncertain times!

Dessert + Gin

Gin and dessert, what could be better? It makes sense some of the fruity and floral notes found in gin can enhance your  dessert. Matt Preston’s Gin and Cherry Trifle looks too good to resist! It features the flavours of juniper berries, elderflower and coriander seeds too. Yum!

Gin + Apple Pie

Nothing says home comfort like a good apple pie, combine that with gin and we’re one happy team! We’ll be recreating this classic and giving it a boozy twist – Gin Apple Pie.


Have other gin recipes we’ve missed? We’d love you to share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. 



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Cooking With a ‘Splash’ of Gin