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What is your New Years Resolu-GINS?

With the new year comes the pressure of setting goals and resolutions. Often, we aim too high and set ourselves up for failure, but don’t worry we have turned the tables and found a solution! We are here to help you set winnable goals for the year ahead by embracing our New Year Resolu-GINS.

Instead of those typical goals of “drink more water” or “walk more” we suggest the following adaptations to your list. Perhaps you should “drink more {tonic} water,” are you wanting to increase your step count? Then perhaps “walk {to the bar} more,” maybe you need to introduce a more balanced diet “eat more fruit and vegetable {garnishes},” and also consider “supporting local {gin distilleries}.”

Jokes aside there is a practicality to this, you can even lower your caloric intake by carefully choosing your tonic water. If tonic water isn’t your thing then perhaps a sugar free soda water is more to your liking and part of a perfect addition to a Brogan’s Way Gin for the mood you’re in. Furthermore to this, you are no doubt spoiled for choice with a growing number of emerging Australian brands creating high quality considered waters, mixers and sodas.

The easiest way to get the ball rolling on your Resolu-GINS is to start with your step count and head on into our award-winning boutique Gin Distillery and Bar and take a load off, you’ve earnt it! There you have it, a delicious drink in delicious setting and while you are here why not head outside to our limited-edition deck chairs and soak up some of that elusive Melbourne Vitamin D.

But finally always remember to stay safe, stay healthy and drink responsibly.