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Turning a Passion into Profit: Your Money

We all have something (or many things!) that we are passionate about. Sometimes these passions are satisfied easily, others take you on the most unexpected journey and can change your life completely.

At Brogan’s Way, we certainly fall into the second category. Brogan’s Way is led by Brogan Carr and her father Simon. One, a medical laboratory scientist, the other had decades working sales and marketing with various global automotive manufacturers. Together, they always had an insatiable curiosity for gin, learning about gin, trying different gins and travelling the world to keep discovering about their favourite spirit.

But sometimes you just have to chase a dream.

We know we aren’t alone – our journey wasn’t possible without people who had followed similar paths generously sharing their time, learnings and knowledge. We also are not underestimating the journey still to come – running a small business is a continuous learning curve, let alone the ongoing gin and distilling curiosity we have!

The story of how Brogan’s Way Distillery came to be was recently covered by Channel 9’s Your Money, along with those from a financial planner and a tent manufacturer – it’s funny who’s paths you cross!

Read more about it here. (hyperlink: https://www.yourmoney.com.au/business/small-business/small-business-stories-passion-into-profit/)