The local folk of North Street, Richmond


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The local folk of North Street, Richmond

Melbourne is a utopia of possibilities, through one unmarked door, around a tight corner or along a narrow street can uncover a world of memorable experiences to be had amongst them. Hidden in plain sight are the local folk of North Street, Richmond. Light industrial and part residential you will find a wonderful collection of creative and innovative businesses that make this area a must visit hub at any time of the day or night. From high end builders (Guild), real estate developers and investors (Cadre), an independent animation studio (Viskatoons), purveyors of luxe textural blooms (Flower Jar) to an array of food and beverage providers, why not take a walking tour to experience what it has to offer?

As you walk east along North Street in the early morning light the smell of freshly brewed coffee lingers in the air as multiple craft roasters and curators line the pavements of this street. Pop into Maker who will deliver up an exceptional single origin, house roasted cup of coffee. Established in 2015 Maker has exemplified what is means to be a quality product that provides consistency and variety. With your takeaway coffee in hand you peruse your way down North Street detecting the aroma of freshly baked goods as you approach Phillipa’s Bakery Outlet. Serving up traditional handmade bread and pastries since ’94 you will no doubt find the perfect accompaniment for your travelling coffee. If you are looking for something more substantial then look no further than Veneziano Coffee Roasters with an impressive, seasonal, mouth-watering menu on offer it’s an essential pit stop before heading to your next North Street destination. If local pub fare is more your style, then simply cross the street to the Royston Hotel, open Wednesday through Sunday they deliver anything from a succulent Porterhouse Steak to a classic Chicken Parmigiana matched beautifully with an array of local industry brews. If your thirst for local beer hasn’t quite been quenched simply pop across the street once more and head on into The Goat Bar at Mountain Goat Brewery to experience their delicious craft brews, open Thursday to Sunday.

Finally, after walking off that delicious meal and brews along the Main Yarra trail turn west towards 61 North Street to Brogan’s Way Distillery to finish off your day. With nothing left but to relax we have an array of options for you. Fancy an outdoor deck chair or a perhaps a high table is more your vibe? Sinking into a couch given the opportunity or is a low table is where it’s at? Settle in and let our knowledgeable bar staff help you find the gin for the mood you are in. If some food is on your agenda, we can help with light offerings in the form of Charcuterie, Cheeses, dips & bread, pressed paninis and olives, the abundance of choice is yours for the taking.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a walking tour of North Street and take in all that this creative hub has to offer.