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Passionfruit Gin



500ML | 38% ABV

This year we have taken our ever popular Passionfruit Gin a step further. With less sugar and double the passionfruit, this hazy fruit flavoured gin doesn’t let any the fruit  flavour go to waste. Infusing a citrus driven gin with passionfruit husks to release their bold floral flavour and an intense violet colour, saturating natural sugar with the fleshy passionfruit pulp to produce a tangy liquid and then all blended together with a passionfruit husk tea, pure Melbourne water along with a drizzling of cream distillate. Each element making this gin, a creamy, rich and delicious tribute to the Australian summer.

Tasting Notes

A bold hazy fruit flavoured gin. Fruity, floral and complex with intense notes of sweet, tangy passionfruit that is elevated by the rich floral aroma of the passionfruit vine. A subtle creamy and velvety richness to the finish that is still bright and refreshing. Truly tropical gin flavour.

Pairs perfectly with Capi Dry Tonic, Long Rays Soda water, or in a fruity cocktail of choice.  Garnish with lime wedge.