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Our newest Collaboration

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Introducing our newest collaborative partner, Zoe and Bruce from Your Flower Fix. A father and daughter team, they have followed a path not too dissimilar to ours. Having worked together in the project management and engineering field for 10 years, Zoe had taken an interest during that time in the joy of floristry. She had the passion and drive to take on the floral delivery industry with the intent of providing happiness and joy to both the receiver and sender of beautifully locally sourced flowers.

“Creating beautiful bouquets is something I am truly passionate about. Knowing they have made their way into your hands to make you feel special or loved is what it’s all about for me” – Zoe

Bruce, Zoe’s father and now business partner stepped in to help his daughter in handling the operations side of the business from the its inception in early 2021. With Bruce and Zoe working together once again, their business savvy allowed them to bring together their vision of providing not only the freshest and highest quality flowers to Melbourne but supporting the local farmers and wholesalers within the region too. Supporting local is at the heart of their business as is ours and we couldn’t have found a better team to work with than one that holds the same values and can empathise with the father daughter journey that both businesses are built from.

We have some special plans in the works so keep a look out for our first, very beautiful {and fragrant} collaboration coming soon!