International Women’s Day: Women's Work Gin - Brogan’s Way


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International Women’s Day: Women’s Work Gin

In collaboration with Sparkke, we celebrated International Women’s Day with the launch of our Women’s Work Gin.


Although a strongly dominated male industry, more and more women are taking the beer, wine and spirits industry by storm – including Sparkke’s Rose Kentish and our very own Brogan Carr.


Together, they have created a contemporary Old Tom style gin to celebrate female gin distillers.


The gentle warm earthy undertones of angelica root and cassia bark are delicately balanced to allow floral juniper, sweet red fruit flavours and bright red centre limes to shine through all the way from nose to finish.


Women’s Work Gin also includes indigenous ingredients from Kaurna country that were hand picked by local South Australian indigenous-led company, Red Centre. The money paid for these local ingredients will be reinvested to support the development of a productive and sustainable native produce business.


Women’s Work Gin is limited edition with only 1,000 bottles available until sold out. Purchase from our website or visit our Richmond distillery to taste test.