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“Ginstronomy” – the art of pairing food with gin.

Ever found yourself endlessly searching for the perfect recipe to pair with your nightly gin? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When it comes to wine, culinary pairings come naturally but gin is a little harder. However, just like its fellow beverage, gin has its own distinct flavours too that can pair perfectly with the right foods. 

In fact, there are many recipes to match perfectly with a seasonal gin cocktail or classic G&T, we thought to give you a series of menu ideas to help get you through all your isolation time at home!


Drink it with: Everyday Salvation Gin

Let’s start with one of the most popular food and gin pairings – citrus! The perfect partner to gin is, of course, fresh lemon or lime. The zesty flavours will work to bring the flavours in both your glass and dish alive. Squeeze it over your favourite seafood recipe like salmon or oysters whilst sipping on a G&T. Do we hear you say, yum? 

Your gin choice will, of course, depend on how you cook your seafood. Cooking smoked fish? Then garnish your drink with something acidic such as a grapefruit, lemon or lime. Whereas seafood on the grill can be enjoyed with a gin garnished with raspberries or fresh herbs. 

Fish n chips

Drink it with: Everyday Salvation Gin

Is there anything better than salty fish ‘n’ chips on a Friday night? 

A classic G&T can be a refreshing contrast to the crispy batter of a barramundi. It can also help soak up some of the garlic from that dollop of aioli on the side.

Roast meats

Drink it with: Royal Blood Gin

In European cooking, ground juniper berries are often used in meat marinades and rubs. 

We might not be able to catch a flight to Scandinavia at the moment, but an impressive roast meat paired with gin might help generate that feeling of wanderlust.

The juniper berry also gives off subtle citrus flavours, acting as the perfect compliment to lemon and herbs used on traditional roasts.


Drink it with: Hearts Afire Gin

Fun fact: the famous Gin and Tonic was invented in India. So pairing a G&T with a delicious curry only makes sense, right?

Lemons or limes, as well as many other botanicals found in gin can enhance the flavours found in curries and perfectly compliment the spices used. 

A refreshing sip of gin might also provide some relief from the burst of heat from chilli and hot spices.


Drink it with: Evening Light Gin

So, we’ve covered off dinner, but what about dessert? Don’t worry, we’ve saved the best for last. When it comes to wine pairings cheese makes sense, but what sweet treat goes best with Gin? Think – lemon, cheese and cream. That’s right, cheesecake. It’s the perfect accompaniment to that late night drop of Gin. Pair these two together and experience a fabulously zingy punch.


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