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Finding the Perfect Garnish for your G&T

Order a G&T and most of the time, you’ll get house tonic and a slice of lemon. Let us share with you how to break the routine to really take your G&T to the next level!

When it comes to garnishes, there are two ways we consider them – do they provide complimentary or contrasting flavour?

Complimentary flavours highlight those already found in the gin. A wedge of orange is a great garnish in a G&T made with our Evening Light as it emphasises the same characters found naturally in the gin.

Contrasting flavours are the fun ones and aren’t always obvious, but such a reward to discover. Our Royal Blood gin has wonderful savoury notes which are deliciously heightened by the sweet, delicate flavours of a slice of green apple.

Another fascinating match is a G&T with our Everyday Salvation gin paired with a spring of fresh rosemary. The peppery, piney flavour of rosemary is a beautiful contrast to the lemon characters provided by the gin.

Add the garnish last! This ensures your garnish doesn’t get hidden under a layer of ice cubes. When it is at the top of the glass it also ensures you get the full garnish experience and can breathe in the aromas before you take a sip.

Of course, gin and garnishes are just two considerations in a G&T. The other important ingredient is tonic, which can be the difference between an incredible G&T, or a disappointing one. Follow our blog for our advice on finding the right tonic!