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Butchery with a touch of gin

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Earlier this year we were lucky enough to be given a crash course in butchery by producing our very own Gin Pig Pork salami and sausages. That’s right, Brett from Yarra Valley Berkshires, home of the Gin Pig gave us a step by step lesson on how to produce some of their amazing products, from prepping the meat all the way through to filling the skins, we definitely had our work cut out for us!

We chopped, chatted, minced, seasoned and chopped some more to produce product that we would later sit down and enjoy with colleagues and friends. With a great team effort and a little bit of our Hearts Afire Gin we produced enough salami and sausages to feed the attendees in just under 5 hours. What can we say, we are fast learners, but we had a great teacher too!

We partnered with Yarra Valley Berkshires back in early 2020 to take a more considered and sustainable approach to the way we manage the our distilling waste. Our spent botanicals were originally used for composting but are now sent to the Yarra Valley to be used in a carefully curated mixture of pig feed for Brett’s Berkshire Pigs. This imparts a unique and rich flavour profile that is truly one of kind, truly Gin Pig whilst also eliminating much of the waste product created from our distillations!

We were recently visited by Tim Lee from ABC Landline to discuss this very partnership and the processes that go along with it. You can view this story online here.