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Brogan Carr – Mastering Distilling

At our place, it’s Brogan’s Way by name and her way by nature. You may not know that Brogan is actually a qualified medical laboratory scientist. Both Brogan and her father, Simon, are self-proclaimed gin enthusiasts and one day, after long consideration, they decided to set up the distillery together.

You might also not know that technically you don’t need a degree to be called a Master Distiller, however Heriot Watt University, based in the distilling heartlands of Edinburgh in Scotland, offer the formal training to gain this title. As is Brogan’s way, she wanted to earn the title, which she achieved with distinction this year.

In studying for the MSc, Brogan sat eight exams, ranging from engineering, filtration and packaging and production management topics through to distilling and whiskey maturation, management of food quality and fermentation and product analysis.

Want to really know how obsessed with gin Brogan is? She wrote her 8000 word paper on ‘Developing a new Australian gin recipe: From concept to market acceptance using sensory and chemical analysis to choose native Australian botanicals’. Luckily, you don’t have to read or understand this, all you get to do is enjoy the outcome of her studies and passion and try her range of gins (that celebrate new ways to use Australian native botanicals of course!)

This is why our way can only be Brogan’s way.