Vermouth Spritz

Vermouth Spritz

A refreshing, aromatic and easy to make cocktail. This Vermouth Spritz is the perfect companion to create that tropical island feeling at home!

What you will need

  • Wine glass
  • 30mL Passionfruit Gin Liqueur
  • 30mL Aperitif Wine, like  Kina from our friends at Maidenii
  • 60mL Soda water
  • Slice or wedge of Blood Orange

Our way

  1. Build in a wine glass
  2. Add a scoop of fresh ice
  3. Top with soda as desired
  4. Garnish with slice or wedge of Blood Orange

This 2020 limited edition gin liqueur is available in 500mL bottles while stocks last, to shop head to our online shop here.


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