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A few of our favourite {native} things…

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Botanicals, herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds and spices, can all be used to influence the base spirit when making this fragrant beverage we know and love called GIN. We all know that Juniper is required to be a predominate feature for a spirit to be classed as gin however we highlight some of the home grown natives we love to use at Brogan’s Way.

Honouring the land on which we live through the use of native botanicals brings us such joy. It not only highlights the importance of sustainability as we move forward but supports local growers and pays homage to this wonderful land in which we live. It makes sense for us to eat and drink what is grown locally and naturally in our very own backyards.

Here is a small selection of a few of our favourite {native} things below…

Roasted Wattleseed

A member of the Australian Acacia species this seed has traditionally been utilised by Indigenous Australians for generations. This native seed lives within a hard husk that protects it during tough weather conditions and is a valuable source of food during times of drought. With a nutty savoury flavour profile, it can be likened to that of chocolate and coffee and is high in nutritional content including fibre, protein, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc as well as a low glycaemic index.

Pepper Berries  

Also known as Mountain pepper or Tasmanian native pepper. These black berries are unlike familiar peppercorns in that they have an initial burst of sweet fruit flavour followed by an even sharper and hotter heat than that of black peppercorns. With antimicrobial properties and four times the antioxidant of blueberries this native ingredient has been used for centuries by Indigenous Australians. It was used both as a flavouring for food but also medicinally in treatment of sores, stomach problems, muscle pain and skin disorders.

River Mint

Mentha Australis is found in abundance all over this land and thrives in boggy moisture rich soil by rivers and lakes. This small and somewhat more delicate mint has a similar taste and aroma to its close relatives; peppermint and spearmint. Traditionally used by Indigenous Australians it is not only flavoursome when applied to food but is also utilised as an insect repellent and for medicinal use to soothe the symptoms of the common cold.

Strawberry gum

A part of the Eucalypt family this Australian native botanical is unlike its familiar counterparts of its genus. The strawberry gum leaves utilised as a bush food by Indigenous Australians are sweet in aroma and berry like in flavour. Applied to both sweet and savoury recipes in order to accentuate the berry like flavours this native botanical also finds use in herbal teas, essential oils and can of course be found in a fair few of our premium gins!

Why not pop on by for a session at our tasting bar and discover more of our favourite botanicals and ingredients on offer in our gins! Enquire at the bar or jump online and book your session today!