Passionfruit Gin Liqueur Hipster Spritz

Sweet, zesty & refreshing this spritz is the perfect way to soak up a hot summers day. What you will need  Wine glass 30ml Passionfruit Gin Liqueur 45ml Coconut water 45ml Sparkling kombucha Kaffir Lime leaf, Stick of Lemongrass to garnish Our Way Add a scoop of ice Add Passionfruit Gin Liqueur, Coconut Water and […]

Everyday Salvation Negroni

Everyday Salvation Negroni

A rich, deep, and satisfying timeless classic, a true gin drinkers signature cocktail. What you will need Rocks glass 30ml Everyday Salvation Gin 30ml Red bitter (like Campari) 30ml Maidenii Sweet Vermouth Ice Orange wedge to garnish Our way Add Everyday Salvation, red bitter, and Sweet Vermouth into a mixing glass or jug Add a […]

Hearts Afire Running Man

Gin Distillery Melbourne

An orange and ginger explosion, bubbly and bold. What you will need Collins glass 30ml Hearts Afire Gin 15ml Apertivo (like Aperol) 15ml Maidenii Sweet Vermouth Strangelove Hot Ginger beer Ice Slice of orange Our Way Add a scoop of ice to your glass Add Hearts Afire Gin, Apertivo, Sweet Vermouth and top with ginger […]

Evening Light Breakfast Martini

Gin Distillery Melbourne

A juicy citrus twist on a timeless icon. What you will need Nick & Nora Glass 30ml Evening Light Gin 10ml Curaçao 10ml Lemon Syrup 1 tsp Orange Marmalade Ice Orange twist to garnish Our Way Add Evening Light Gin, Curaçao, lemon syrup, and marmalade into a cocktail shaker Add a small scoop of ice […]

Royal Blood Garden Party

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Fresh and sweet this vibrant drink is the perfect match for your next outdoor event. What you will need Rocks glass 30ml Royal Blood Gin 30ml Cassis 4 Raspberries or 15ml Raspberry shrub 10ml Lemon Juice or syrup Ice Mint to garnish Our Way Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker Add a scoop […]