Lime & Ginger Kyiv Mule

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One of our favourites. Fresh, tasty and subtle spice. So easy to make at home. What you will need A Rock Glass or Julep Cup if you have one 50mL Brogan’s Way Vodka 15mL Fresh Lime Juice 15mL Sugar Syrup 25mL Ginger Ale  A few lime wedges & few sprigs of mint Our way Muddle […]

Brogan’s Way Espresso Martini

Probably the most popular cocktail on the planet. You can’t go wrong with this recipe it is a winner with our Vodka is the perfect match for espresso coffee. This is a Vegan-friendly version. What you will need Martini Glass 45mL Brogan’s Way Vodka 20mL Espresso 15mL Vanilla Syrup 2 Drops Wonderfoam Our way Pour […]

Brogan’s Way Cosmopolitan

A true classic. Our Vodka is a perfect match with the sweet and tart notes of cranberry juice. What you will need Martini Glass 45mL Brogan’s Way Australian Vodka 60mL Cranberry Juice 30mL Orange Curacao 10mL Fresh Lime Juice A twist of orange Our way Add all of the ingredients to your cocktail shaker along […]